The submission of an Application Form to compete in the IBM/SAM 2008 Contest of Magic shall be construed as an agreement to these General Terms and Conditions hereby made a part of such Form.

  • Before the June 1, 2008 cut-off, the competitor shall send to the Contest Chair a list of all the music titles used during his performance, including the music title’s name, name of the author, adaptor and performer, recording time of the track, the name and label of the soundtrack, as well as all necessary information for it. 
  • Due to the strict nature of current fire laws, only flash paper, flash string and Fantasio type candles will be allowed. Everything else is considered pyro,  however contained you may feel it is, and is not permitted, without exception.
  • For the purposes of promoting the Art of Magic and the IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention, the competitor authorizes the Convention Committee to archive (on tape or DVD) and promote the competitor’s performance during the convention in three ways:
    • To transmit the performance in its entirety via closed-circuit transmission to television monitors in public viewing areas within the Galt House Hotel adjacent to the theater.
    • To use video clips to promote the convention locally on news media to help sell tickets to the Gala Shows.
    • To provide the Committee with historical information for use in selling possible future conventions of a similar nature (unknown at this time) organized by the IBM and SAM.
  • The competitor gives the IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention the right to use or reproduce portions of the competitor’s performance during the competition for use in television broadcasting outside the United States, including merchandising, or any other equivalent telecommunication network exploitation.
  • After reasonable notice and during normal business hours, the competitor may have access to his or her archived performance at the IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention.
  • At his or her request, the IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention shall provide the competitor, for his personal use only, and for commercial use after the IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention’s prior approval, with one (1) copy of an extract where the competitor appears, and against payment of the copy’s delivery.


  • The IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention’s maximum aggregate liability shall not exceed the total amount paid by the Committee to the competitor for the matter at the origin of the indemnity and excludes any indirect damage, even if foreseeable.
  • The present terms do not constitute a partnership or agency between the parties and are entered into by the IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention at the date of confirmation of the Application Form bearing the competitor’s signature.  


  • The IBM/SAM 2008 Combined Convention may refuse or cancel the competitor’s participation at any time and for any reason, especially if the competitor’s participation or performance infringes the contest rules and procedures, is in bad taste, violates applicable laws or infringes on a third party. In such instance, the competitor will forfeit any refund of application fee.
  • Any provision hereunder which is unenforceable will not be deemed to affect the validity of any other provision, and the party which refrains from reporting a violation of the present terms does not waive its rights for the future.  The present terms are governed by the laws of The United States, and any dispute arising from them shall be submitted, provided that no out of court agreement has been reached within thirty (30) days from its occurrence, to a competent court in the United States, including the case of summary proceedings, multiple defendants or the introduction of a third party.


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