Astonishing ideas from magic's best influences.
Jim Steinmeyer

JIM STEINMEYER "The Secret No One Tells You"

Jim Steinmeyer has worked with virtually every leading magician around the world producing magic for stage and television, and has written extensively on his illusions as well as his research into the history of magic. Jim's lecture looks at new ways of looking at new effects and making the most out of your performances. Jim demonstrates with a number of routines all designed for maximum appearance and maximum effect.

Derek Lever

DEREK LEVER "The World's Greatest Magic Inventors "

Derek Lever is the organizer of the Blackpool Magicians Convention, the largest in the world. He is the author of "Jack Hughes World of Magic" and "Ken Brooke and Friends". From his vast collection of "old magic", Derek will demonstrate rare pieces of magical apparatus by a number of inventors from around the world. Along with anecdotes about these inventors, some known and others unknown, Derek will describe and illustrate the thought process that led to their inventions .

David Williamson

DAVID WILLIAMSON "Organic Magic - The Art of Impromptu Performance "

David Williamson knows the secret of capturing the imagination of any audience. A born showman and unusually accomplished sleight-of-hand artist,he blends heart stopping magic with side splitting hilarity. David was voted the "Most Wanted Magician" at the 2003 FISM convention in Den Haag. From serendipitous situtuations to seemingly impromptu performances, David will attempt to explore the history and practice of unrehearsed and unprepared miracles. If he rehearses or prepares for this lecture, it will be a miracle! Don't miss it .

Eberhard Reise

EBERHARD RIESE "The Evolution of an Act "

In 2006, Eberhard Riese released his seminal book,"Foundations, The Art of Stage Magic." which explores the groundwork that has made a small group of Stuttgart area magicians FISM champions over the past 20 years. In his lecture, Eberhard will work with Jeanatte Andrews, a teenage magician from Illinois, who has agreed to be Eberhard's student for our convention. After her performance, Eberhard will then redirect Jeanette's act, giving a lifetime of professional advice to help Jeanette take her performance to the next level.

David Kaye

DAVID KAYE "The First Century of Children's Magic "

David Kaye has gained national recognition performing as the clown character, Silly Billy and is in his seventh year writing a column for MAGIC magazine. Unlike most genres of magic, children's magic got its start only at the beginning of the 20th century. From each decade of the last 100 years David will choose one routine that was representative of the style of children's magic during that period. Following this will be a live performance of these routines for an audience of children.

David Ben

DAVID BEN & JON RACHERBAUMER "Vernon and Marlo - The All Time Greats of Card Magic"

David Ben gave up a law practice to pursue his passion for magic as a protege of Ross Bertram. Later, he was co-writer, producer and performer of the critically acclaimed Shaw Festival production of "The Conjurer." David is the author of the recently published book "Dai Vernon: A Biography" which has been acclaimed as "the definitive source for all things Vernon".

As a young man in Chicago, Jon Racherbaumer's interest in magic was mentored by Ed Marlo and Eddie Fields continuing even after making New Orleans his new home. While adept at sleight of hand, Jon's magical popularity rose equally through the power of the pen. He is currently a consulting editor of M-U-M, has been a Parade Editor of the Linking Ring since 1991, and has published over 60 books including "Marlo Without Tears".

At the 2006 FFFF convention, over 200 attendees from around the world selected Vernon and Marlo as "the two magicians most responsible for the advancement of modern card magic". At this convention, we have the two people in the world who are best qualified to explain why.