The Close-Up Gala for the Century
This is not just pick another card or keep your eye on the ball under the cup.These pros are fighting for your applause and are out to show you who's best. They'll try to get away with just about any trickery. 'Cause it's a personal thing. And just to be sure you won't miss on second or one "move" this session will be covered by video on the large screen.
from Europe
Martin Eisle


Martin is a first place winner in micro magic at the last FISM convention. He has a truly original act that has conquered the European continent and now the U.S.

Martin Eisle


This is a rare U.S. Appearance. A first place winner at FISM, Simo is a household name with his own TV show in Finland. You'll be certain to remember his name after his appearance in 2008.

from Asia
Hiro Sakai


Noted for his original material, Hiro is one of the most popular performers in all of Asia. He has been featured in print and TV as a leader in modern Japanese close-up magic.

Dr. Sawa

DR. SAWA , Japan

A real highlight will be the man you've read about in books and magazines but who is seldom seen in the U.S Original in style and content, Dr. Sawa brings true artistry to the art of close-up magic .

from the U.S.A
Brian Gillis

BRIAN GILLIS, California

A busy performer who seldom finds time mto work magic conventions, Brian was named whte "World's Best Close-Up Magician" on the WOrld Magic awards TV special. He is a 10 time AMA award nominee and was Johnny Carson's favorite magician on the Tonight Show .

Rick Merrill


The Grand Prix Winner in Close-up at the last FISM in Stockholm, he left the audience and judges in awe. Since winning the coveted FISM prize, he has been traveling the world performing in person and on TV with his highly visual stand up, close up act.